3 months. a lot of white paint. and a nest.

This man.  Truly an angel in white.........paint.  For years I had a dream of making this old barn something crazy amazing.  When our daughter Sydney told us she was getting married, I knew it was time and he said he would make that dream come true. 52 windows, 6 glass barn doors, 1 cupola, 14 chandeliers, lots and lots and I mean lots of white paint, and a weathervane on a pear tree later he really did make that dream come true! 

There were many work nights that went into the morning, and many amazing friends and family who we couldn't have done it without! While we were renovating, we found a robin's nest with baby blue eggs in the barn rafters.  We couldn't hurt them, so we worked around them. 

We watched them hatch and grow each day.  When it came time to paint, we painted around them. Bobby said to me, "if they don't fly the coop soon they are going to be white robins!"  and I said, "that's it! That is the name of our venue.  The White Robin!" Don't worry, they did fly away (we got video) and The White Robin was born!

Before & After

It was the Covid summer of 2020 that Bobby and I started dating. Again. I had friend zoned him once already but this time it was different. Somewhere between hiking a waterfall in Yellowstone, or riding Razors under the moonlight in the California desert, we fell in love and just knew.

And somehow I started liking country music and he started liking Broadway Musicals. Very different backgrounds and lives that collided because we loved each other and loved our children. All 10 of them! We also found that we love to dream crazy big together and found the perfect person to build those dreams and make them real.

 Our own wedding was here in our fairy garden at Littlebrook (the name of our estate and before The White Robin) next to the creek. It was the most magical and fairytale experience ever! We may be a little cheesy (okay, a lot cheesy) but we wanted to share a little piece of that cheesy romantic fairytale heaven with you!

Ne'Cole & Bobby! 

Some of Our favorite things!

T.V Show






N: Raspberries & Cream 
B: Anything

N: Mint Teal
B: White

N: Cheese Cake
B: Rocky Road

N: Pride & Prejudice 
B: Old Westerns

N: Carmex
B: Pocket Knife

B: The Rifle Man

My favorite thing is being a mother and a grandmother!  Musical theatre, decorating with teal and crystal, growing my faith in God and Jesus Christ, being a health coach ( and yes I drink those green pond scum frog smoothies and like them!) and watching my husband's face when I say "I have an idea" or "I've been thinking".  And he smiles and rolls up his sleeves and says "me too".  Falling deeper in love every day with my best friend Bobby. With him life is truly an adventure! 

Broadway singer in the kitchen • Movie enthusiast

Dyslexia • AAHD

Our crazy BIG family

Country music, motorcycles and racing (check out our race track Shorty's Sports Park!) Baja Bugs, Piper Six airplanes, Financial Planner for 32 years and God and Country.  Most recently becoming the most amazing Grandpa, drinking green pond scum smoothies his wife makes and loving them (not really)   Loving his beautiful crazy wife with all of his heart and treating her like a princess!

Clayton, Joyce, McKenna, Sadie, Mason, Brigham, Lily, Hana, Hyrum, Ne'Cole, Landon, Sydney, Bobby, Natalie, Justin, Jake, Tabitha, & Rush